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The Prodigy Gym & Fitness members and staff are all very friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable. The exceptional equipment, upbeat music, inspiring wall art, and more importantly the welcoming and supportive atmosphere make for a motivated fitness facility. Not much fluff here. Just the best in plate-loaded equipment in Colorado.

You can find over 70 plate-loaded pieces ranging from Hammer strength’s complete line of plate loaded machines (yes everything they make!), strive, nautilus, Icarian (donkey calf raise that is rarely found), Flex, Nebula, Rogue, Dynabody, Magnum, the only gym in the US that has the MedX Avenger leg press), Dumbbells up to 200lbs, multiple squat racks, 3 deadlift platforms, free weight benches, preacher curls, decline/incline benches, shoulder press benches, just about every attachment you can think of for pulldowns, triceps, and biceps, free weight bars of multiple angles and weights, and much more for those who prefer free weights.

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“Hi, My name is Stephanie and I started coming to Prodigy Gym about 2 years ago. When I first walked in it did seem a little intimidating. The owner, Chris, is super sweet and took the time to show me each piece of equipment and how it worked. There is a wide variety of age groups and fitness levels. I always feel super comfortable when I am here…just a twenty-something female.”
“I have been coming to Prodigy for about a year now. I come here because its more of a gym than a “club”. I grew up as an athlete and so I appreciate the huge variety of equipment to workout on.”
Crystal Alverado

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