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At Prodigy Gym and Fitness we understand that going to a new gym can be intimidating, no matter what level you are on. Going to the gym for the first time, keeping things changing and not becoming stale, learning new and exciting ways to really push the muscle, and how to properly diet for any fitness goals can be overwhelming in so many ways and on so many levels. With our FREE FITNESS COACHING, we provide a solution and remove all the unknowns for you!

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Going to the gym for the first time can be overwhelming in so many ways! Everyone seems to know what they are doing and looking great already. What muscles do I work on and on which days/how often? How many exercises/repetitions? I don’t know the proper form or understand these machines? How long do I rest in between sets? How do I diet? What do I eat and when now that I am trying to get in shape? These are the questions that our free fitness coaching provides the solution for!


Been lifting for a while but basically doing the same things week after week? Possibly wanting to learn the more advanced lifts like deadlifting/squatting/pressing but concerned about how to do it correctly to avoid injury? At a point where you’re ready to really go after it but not quite sure what that is? Been dieting and pretty much know what to eat and when but just not seeing results anymore? With our free fitness coaching, we provide the answers and the solution!


Been lifting for years but just can’t seem to get over a certain plateau be it for strength or muscle size? Wanting to know what the pros are doing to gain muscle and strength? Know how to diet but just can’t get really lean? Training for a competition and need help? With our free fitness coaching, we provide the answers and the solution!

At Prodigy Gym and Fitness

We will eliminate all of the guesswork no matter what level you are on. Be it the very first time to the gym (beginner), someone who has experience (intermediate), and all the way up to the advanced levels, we provide the solution! The owner Chris Havekost truly cares about each member and their fitness goals. So much that when you commit to a one year contract with Prodigy he will commit to you and offer FREE FITNESS COACHING for the whole year!

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Conveniently located at 1739 South College Ave., Ft.Collins, CO. 80525

When you are coming off South College Ave, the gym is on the basement level so drive around back! The entrance to the back parking lot is across the street from E Stuart St., or southwest of Parker St.

Ft.Collins number one gym is equipped with everything Hammer strength has ever made and other rare pieces from Strive, Icarian, Rae Crowther, Flex, and many more we offer top of the line cardio fitness machines! Jacobs Ladder provides the most efficient exercise for those serious about conditioning. Unlike most cardio machines, this patented treadmill climber utilizes low impact, high range of motion exercise to provide a superior cardio workout to both the upper and lower body. And that’s not all… recumbent as well as upright bikes, ellipticals, and rowing machines can all be found at Prodigy Gym and Fitness!

Something this Fort Collins gym prides itself in is the ATMOSPHERE! Everywhere inside the gym is covered with MOTIVATIONAL ART including Bruce Lee, Mohammed Ali, Ronda Rousey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dorian Yates, and many others! We ask our members to request the music they want to hear to make sure we are playing music that is conducive to working out and not reminiscent of some night club! Everything and everyone from the staff to the trainers and its members are all geared towards making progress in fitness – no matter what level they are on – which makes for motivation in itself!



"I have been coming to Prodigy for about a year now. I come here because its more of a gym than a "club". I grew up as an athlete and so I appreciate the huge variety of equipment to workout on."
Crystal Alverado

"I have been coming to Prodigy Gym now for about 10 year. Absolutely love the equipment and the people that work here. The owner Chris is always there and happy to help you accomplish your goals. Equipment here is 2nd to none and everyone here is here for the same reasons to get it done!"
Justin Unrein

"I have been coming to Prodigy since it opened. Some of the best equipment in the entire industry be if you are brand new to weight lifting, advanced, or trying to rehab an injury. I came here because of the assortment of back equipment Chris has here that enabled me to not only rehabilitate my back but actually progress from a really bad injury."

"Hi my name is Rich and I am a retired chiropractor. I came to Prodigy Gym over 20 years ago because of the multiple injuries I suffered. I found out quickly this gym has the equipment for me to rehabilitate my injuries that no other gym has. I also believe this is the best gym for anyone over 50 because of the wide variety of equipment that keeps people like me safely lifting."
Rich Riendeau

"Hi my name is Stephanie and I started coming to Prodigy Gym about 2 years ago. When I first walked in it did seem a little intimidating. The owner Chris is super sweet and took the time to show me each piece of equipment and how it worked. Such a wide varity of age groups and lifting levels. I always feel super comfortable when I am here just a twenty something female."

"Hi my name is Nick and I have been coming to Prodigy Gym and Fitness for just over a year now. I have been to gyms all over being a veteran and I come here because there are machines I have never seen before. The staff and the owner are always willing to help with anything I need. My gym for life."



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