Chris Havekost

Chris Havekost


Born and raised in Fort Collins Chris Havekost gravitated towards health and fitness early on. He began working out around 15 which soon evolved into the love of helping others achieve their goals for the past 25 years.

Because of 25 years of heavy weight training and a being a competitive bodybuilder who was nationally ranked, Chris suffered just about every type of injury ranging from shoulder surgery, acl/mcl tares, quad and calf tares, back surgery with severe sciatic pain, numerous tendon injuries to the elbow, for arm, and shoulders, Chris has become an expert at injury rehabilitation. If you have anything injured not only can Chris help you but Prodigy Gym and fitness has so many specific machines that promote proper form and rehabilitation.

Chris has taken literally 100’s of pounds off of people changing their entire lives and who they are. If you are looking to lose weight or body fat, gain muscle, rehabilitate any injury, or of course body building as Chris has produced countless amateur and pro champions, Chris should be your trainer!

With Chris’s personal training programs you will receive a structured customized diet, supplementation/ vitamin schedule, as well as emailed workouts for the days you are not training with Chris all geared towards your fitness goals!

Justin Trammel

Justin Trammel

NASM Certified, CPT, CES, PES

Justin’s passion for fitness began as an overweight teen. He chose to stop making excuses for himself and tackle his weight loss goals with everything he had. In three months he dropped 75lbs. He then shifted his focus to weight training and developed All-American strength as a high school athlete. During college, his concentration moved to corrective exercise and rehabilitation. Upon adding 70lbs of lean muscle mass, he followed his dream of becoming a personal trainer so he could help people change their lives and achieve their ultimate fitness goals. He challenge his clients by helping them understand nutrition and developing training programs that burn fat, improve joint mobility, and add lean muscle mass while building functional strength. He has devoted his life to training harder and smarter every single day, and he gets results!

NASM Certified, CPT, CES, PES



"I have been coming to Prodigy for about a year now. I come here because its more of a gym than a "club". I grew up as an athlete and so I appreciate the huge variety of equipment to workout on."
Crystal Alverado

"I have been coming to Prodigy Gym now for about 10 year. Absolutely love the equipment and the people that work here. The owner Chris is always there and happy to help you accomplish your goals. Equipment here is 2nd to none and everyone here is here for the same reasons to get it done!"
Justin Unrein

"I have been coming to Prodigy since it opened. Some of the best equipment in the entire industry be if you are brand new to weight lifting, advanced, or trying to rehab an injury. I came here because of the assortment of back equipment Chris has here that enabled me to not only rehabilitate my back but actually progress from a really bad injury."

"Hi my name is Rich and I am a retired chiropractor. I came to Prodigy Gym over 20 years ago because of the multiple injuries I suffered. I found out quickly this gym has the equipment for me to rehabilitate my injuries that no other gym has. I also believe this is the best gym for anyone over 50 because of the wide variety of equipment that keeps people like me safely lifting."
Rich Riendeau

"Hi my name is Stephanie and I started coming to Prodigy Gym about 2 years ago. When I first walked in it did seem a little intimidating. The owner Chris is super sweet and took the time to show me each piece of equipment and how it worked. Such a wide varity of age groups and lifting levels. I always feel super comfortable when I am here just a twenty something female."

"Hi my name is Nick and I have been coming to Prodigy Gym and Fitness for just over a year now. I have been to gyms all over being a veteran and I come here because there are machines I have never seen before. The staff and the owner are always willing to help with anything I need. My gym for life."



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