Mechelle Meixner

I’m new to town, and have been working out here for the last month. As an older, heavier woman, I was nervous about joining a gym. Additionally, I had lapsed in my workouts and was out of shape. Nonetheless, I gave this gym a try because I wanted to get stronger and I liked how welcomed I felt when I first visited. After over a dozen workouts here over the last month, I am able to do 6 push-ups, and am feeling stronger and more in shape than I have in a while. Additionally, I have had such positive interactions with the folks who are there. People have kindly shown me tips to weight lifting (like the time I was using a machine backwards—someone suggested that I might feel more comfortable if I turned around on the seat). Also, I was able to use the app to watch videos and create an exercise plan. Although I don’t mind asking for help, it has also been nice to watch the videos at home a few times and learn how to adjust the machines correctly and use them in the correct way before I go to the gym. I have joined many gyms in my long life, but hands down, this one is my favorite.

Stephen Castle

The character, atmosphere, and clientele of this gym facilitate quality training, especially strengthening. I am an endurance athlete that was unable to use caffeine for a long time; all I had to do is show up, and I was able to train/exercise with intensity and purpose. I’ve tried all the fitness clubs in town. This is the only gym I’ve kept throughout the years.

Marissa Orchard

This gym has everything, including videos on how to use the equipment, an app to give you specialized training, and nutritional consulting. Great place to workout.

Courtney McDonald

I love this gym! It’s old school.. which is the kind of environment I train the best in. It has the best variety of equipment in northern Colorado. Staff is always friendly, and Chris is the nicest gym owner around. If you have an issue with this place… I think it’s more of a personal problem. I wish I would have made the switch to Prodigy sooner!

Finn Mahoney

Awesome, friendly staff who are always there to answer a question or just a chat. Chris and his employees are a fountain of wealth on lifting, fitness, and well being. Chris’s custom workout plans are perfect for everyone. The gym has an immense arsenal of equipment for every workout you could imagine. An all around great place to work out with a low price. Best gym in town hands down.

Timothy Martin

Great gym with a very friendly staff. Chris (owner), Greg (PT), and Justin (PT) are great guys and always made working out a positive experience. Had to switch gyms due to life circumstances/proximity to work, but this is a great gym that I will always have fond memories of. Chris really cares about individual members’ goals and it shows in his interactions with members.

BigChev 55

The best gym in Northern Colorado hands down. When I’m in FoCo this is where I train. One of the best training experiences I’ve had at a gym. Chris has created a positive & motivating environment @ Prodigy that is rarely ever matched. I highly recommend training here

Halie Stockett

This place is awesome. When I moved to Colorado I spent weeks looking for a new gym, I wanted something family owned like my old gym back home, because I loved the atmosphere that the owner had created. Chris the owner of prodigy is awesome he makes an effort to know ever single member, which I feel has created this awesome atmosphere and vibe. Not to mention half the gym isn’t taken up by cardio equipment which is nice. It’s not like your normal corporate gym where it’s over priced and over crowded. I consider this place a true gem.

Julia SH

I have been going to Prodigy Gym for a couple of years now. It is a fantastic, old school gym with all the equipment you would need. You can find the owner Chris there every day and can tell how much he cares for his gym and its members

Morgan Wehtje

Best gym ever. Packed full of equipment. Chris the owner is helpful, knowledgable and always ready to take time and show you the best way to train. Best deal in Fort Collins for a gym a hidden gem!

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Best gym in the region for sure. What an incredible variety of equipment. Very well thought out for people of all levels of experience. The owner Chris Havekost has always been a very inspirational presence in the gym and is someone I have the very great honor of calling a friend. His knowledge is nothing short of impressive and he is very open about sharing that knowledge to help everyone around him.
Kenneth MacMillan
This is an amazingly well-thought-out and well maintained gym. The owner, Chris Havekost, has an impressive body-building history and clearly knows how to build a gym. On top of that, he's almost always on-premise and is very friendly and approachable. It seems like there is always new equipment to try out, and any needed repairs are attended to promptly. In addition, the work out areas are clean, open, and fresh. I highly recommend.
Carolee Jones

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