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This down to earth, nitty gritty gym, is the best gym in town if results are your main objective! The knowledge and equipment at your disposal here is par none. With every day people to world renowned lifters, this gym has a culture and openness that will help anyone reach whatever fitness goal they have and truly thrive. Prodigy Gym and Fitness is a locally owned Fitness center by native Chris Havekost and champion athlete. Everyone who comes through the doors from beginner to advanced is here to do work and get results be it beginner or advanced! We focus on helping people transform their bodies and in turn their lives by providing the very best equipment in the industry, motivating environment and music, always willing and helpful owner/staff, and free individual coaching for every member directly from the owner!

If you are brand new to working out and needing to learn proper form and technique, working around injuries, in the 40+ age category and needing to protect the joints, or advanced and wanting to train on the very best equipment around….Look no further. Prodigy Gym and fitness has over 75 of the industries very best plate loaded machines to isolate and target the muscle safely and properly (see our equipment)!

Welcome to a gym where you will personally meet the owner Chris Havekost, a 30 year industry expert, who gives each member a free fitness evaluation. With the Fitness evaluation chris then offers free coaching with every membership:

  • Custom nutrition– custom built meal plan so each member knows exactly what to eat and when geared toward each individual’s fitness goals.
  • Guided workouts– with our free app easily follow guided workouts on the beginner/intermediate/ or advanced levels.
  • Virtual map– Virtual map of the gym with video tutorials of every machine so each member knows proper form and function!
  • Accountability– check in directly with Chris every week ensuring fitness goals are being met!

About owner and head coach/trainer
chris havekost

Owner and Head trainer/coach chris havekost has over 25 years of helping people with body transformation, weight training, and coaching in the fitness industry. 

Chris began his journey in fitness at the early age of 15 as a competitive athlete. He worked his way from the novice level to being nationally ranked before retiring in 2015.

Since then he has dedicated his life and facility to helping people transform their bodies and in turn their lives!

“We are all meant for greatness. It’s just digging in every day to find it”!

Chris believes that every”body” was meant to be fit and healthy. Sometimes people just don’t have the right plan or facility to make it happen. Chris opened Prodigy Gym and Fitness in 2014 to create that environment with the very best equipment in colorado where every member has what they need to become great both physically and mentally.

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The character, atmosphere, and clientele of this gym facilitate quality training, especially strengthening. I am an endurance athlete that was unable to use caffeine for a long time; all I had to do is show up, and I was able to train/exercise with intensity and purpose. I’ve tried all the fitness clubs in town. This is the only gym I’ve kept throughout the years.
Stephen Castle
I love this gym! It’s old school.. which is the kind of environment I train the best in. It has the best variety of equipment in northern Colorado. Staff is always friendly, and Chris is the nicest gym owner around. If you have an issue with this place... I think it’s more of a personal problem. I wish I would have made the switch to Prodigy sooner!
Courtney McDonald

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