Intermediate Level 1



Intermediate Level 1

Intermediate Level 1 training is designed for the weight lifter who has some experience with core lifts, pressing a barbell/dumbbell, bench/shoulder pressing, squats, and deadlift. An intermediate has been weight training for a good period of time (6 months +) and has a good understanding of proper form for most exercises. You’re ready to really learn new techniques to add to your toolbox to push the muscle groups for muscle development and strength!

You made it! Now you have learned proper form/function for EVERY machine at Prodigy Gym and Fitness and for over 100 exercises utilizing barbells/dumbbells/ and bodyweight exercises in the beginning levels!

Now you are ready to start building the toolbox we talked about, so you can really push the muscle for strength and size gains! By the end of Intermediate level, you will have a full toolbox and know how to use them! In the intermediate levels Chris takes you through what he believes are the best parts of… Hany Rhambod’s FST7, Dante Trudel’s Dogg Crap (rest pause training), Chris’s own Flex and hold, German volume training (10×10), and Chris’s personal favorite Occlusion BFR (Blood flow restriction) training!

Now, you are ready to begin Intermediate Level 1 Training!


With Intermediate Level 1 training we begin with Chris’s own flex and hold training.

“I have been at this game for over 30 years at this point and am excited to share with you the knowledge I have learned.  Glad to have you onboard!!”

Chris Havekost, Owner & Trainer

Prodigy Gym and Fitness

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