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Free Coaching

With Membership

1739 South College Ave., Ft.Collins, CO. 80525



  • You choose from beginner/intermediate/ or advanced and we send you a brand new workout every 8 weeks! Exactly what to do with a workout split (what muscles on what days), how many exercises, sets, and repetitions! You will know exactly what to do no matter what level you are on!
  • A map of our gym with the exact location of each machine. Every machine is numbered making following the map and your pre-made workouts very simple!
  • Free app with video tutorials on how to set up EVERY machine and proper form! Over 200 video tutorials of how to perform just about every other exercise known to utilize dumbbells, barbells, and your own bodyweight.


  • Tell us what your goals are and we will suggest a diet!
  • List of foods to choose from with portions according to your fitness goals.
  • Exactly what to eat and when to get to your fitness goals faster!
  • List of foods to choose from (grocery list!)
  • List of foods to avoid and why
  • How to eat out for your fitness goals!
  • Supplement suggestions vitamins/minerals/pre-workouts/etc.


  • Bi-weekly group meeting at the gym with Chris for any questions to be answered on anything! Equipment, proper form, exercises, supplements, ANYTHING!
  • Bi-weekly email check-ins with Chris to ensure you are staying on track.

Working out on any level can be intimidating! Our goal at Prodigy Gym and Fitness is to provide a solution with our free fitness coaching and app no matter what level you are on in your fitness journey! We will personally commit to your fitness success with your membership!  All you have to do is show up and we provide everything you will need to accomplish any fitness goals!!!

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