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Prodigy Gym & Fitness was created for anyone that wants to be in a high energy, results-oriented environment.

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Prodigy Gym & Fitness members and staff are all very friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable. The workout equipment, music, and most importantly the environment are set up for a motivated workout facility. Not much fluff here. Just the best in plate-loaded equipment in Colorado.

You can find over 70 plate-loaded pieces ranging from Hammer strength’s complete line of plate loaded machines (yes everything they make!), strive, nautilus, Icarian (donkey calf raise that is rarely found), Flex, Nebula, Rogue, Dynabody, Magnum, the only gym in the US that has the MedX Avenger leg press), Dumbbells up to 200lbs, multiple squat racks, 3 deadlift platforms, free weight benches, preacher curls, decline/incline benches, shoulder press benches, just about every attachment you can think of for pulldowns, triceps, and biceps, free weight bars of multiple angles and weights, and much more for those who prefer free weights.




“I wanted to create A Gym Culture Where Everyone is Welcome.” – Chris Havekost, Owner & Champion Bodybuilder

Born and raised here in Ft. Collins owner Chris Havekost has lived in the fitness industry for over 25 years! Growing up lifting weights in so many different gyms he began formulating a dream.

Traveling the world seeing so many different gyms and their equipment a list began to form in his mind. This list was of all of the very best equipment in the industry. Pieces that would make lifting safe for the beginner who is just trying to understand how the muscles feel and work, the advanced lifter who wants to lift heavy weight safely, and most importantly people that are trying to come back from injuries..

Chris, having lifted his whole life competitively, had experienced so many injuries. Torn rotator cuffs, acl/mcl strains and tears, muscle tears, lower back pain and even back surgery in 1999, core issues, and the list goes on. So, of course, this list kept the perfect range of motion in mind for those that would need to use lifting to rehabilitate injuries of all sorts.

After the opportunity arose for Chris, a lifelong dream, to train at the gym where Mr.Olympia Phil Heath trained at Armbrust Pro Gym,  he traveled to Denver every day for 2 years just to work out. Most did not understand this mentality or the reasoning behind it. Just walking into this gym Chris felt like never before. The motivating music, all of the athletes on the walls of all disciplines, the insane assortment of plate loaded equipment so that any lifter on any level could be successful.

Chris then realized what he was put here to do which was to bring a gym like this to Ft.Collins. So that is what he did.  Did we mention he is a nationally ranked bodybuilder?!!!!

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"I have been coming to Prodigy for about a year now. I come here because its more of a gym than a "club". I grew up as an athlete and so I appreciate the huge variety of equipment to workout on."
Crystal Alverado

"I have been coming to Prodigy Gym now for about 10 year. Absolutely love the equipment and the people that work here. The owner Chris is always there and happy to help you accomplish your goals. Equipment here is 2nd to none and everyone here is here for the same reasons to get it done!"
Justin Unrein

"I have been coming to Prodigy since it opened. Some of the best equipment in the entire industry be if you are brand new to weight lifting, advanced, or trying to rehab an injury. I came here because of the assortment of back equipment Chris has here that enabled me to not only rehabilitate my back but actually progress from a really bad injury."

"Hi my name is Rich and I am a retired chiropractor. I came to Prodigy Gym over 20 years ago because of the multiple injuries I suffered. I found out quickly this gym has the equipment for me to rehabilitate my injuries that no other gym has. I also believe this is the best gym for anyone over 50 because of the wide variety of equipment that keeps people like me safely lifting."
Rich Riendeau

"Hi my name is Stephanie and I started coming to Prodigy Gym about 2 years ago. When I first walked in it did seem a little intimidating. The owner Chris is super sweet and took the time to show me each piece of equipment and how it worked. Such a wide varity of age groups and lifting levels. I always feel super comfortable when I am here just a twenty something female."

"Hi my name is Nick and I have been coming to Prodigy Gym and Fitness for just over a year now. I have been to gyms all over being a veteran and I come here because there are machines I have never seen before. The staff and the owner are always willing to help with anything I need. My gym for life."



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