Beginner Level 2



Beginner Level 2

2nd Set of 25 Machines

Welcome to the Beginner Level 2 workout from Prodigy Gym and Fitness.

Congratulations you made it through Beginner Level 1!!! You are off to a great start and you know how to use 25 out of 75 of our machines, as well as, some basic lifts using dumbbells and barbells! Let’s start on the next 25 machines and advance your knowledge of some more advanced lifts. like the standard barbell bench and the shoulder press. We will stick with the same protocol. By now you should be able to execute all three of the sets. You can of course add a 4th exercise to the protocol if you are feeling ready and can handle it! Below is the same workout protocol you had in Beginner Level 1 except now you will use 25 new machines/ exercises!

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