Beginner Level 1



Beginner Level 1

Welcome to the Beginner Level 1 workout from Prodigy Gym and Fitness.

We understand that weight training for the first time, or for the beginner, can be overwhelming and sometimes even intimidating. There are so many things that cause this. Although all the members and staff are very nice and helpful if asked, we also know seeing a whole bunch of people who all know what they are doing and looking good can add to feeling overwhelmed.  Going to a gym for the first time with no idea of how to workout, to use proper form, to know how many exercises, sets, repetitions to complete, how long to rest in between sets, how to stretch, and how to begin to “diet” for different types of fitness goals, all add up to why most people fail at the gym.

So, we are going to remove all of that for you!

With Beginner Level 1 training, we will take you through step by step. 1) We will explain terminology, like protocol/exercises/sets/repetitions/rest period/etc. so you know what we are talking about. 2) We will break down the workout in a very simple format on the beginner level for people brand new to the gym or still not fully comfortable on their own. One of the things that sets us apart from all the other gyms is our 75 very unique machines (10-15 for each body part) that all isolate the muscle in a different way here at Prodigy Gym and Fitness. We also know that much of this equipment has never been seen before by most which can add to feeling uncomfortable.


The objectives here are:

With beginner level one we will take you through 25 machines and a few barbell/dumbbell exercises in the 4 to 8 weeks period. With each level we progress you through 25 more machines and a little more advanced work with dumbbells/barbells/ body weight exercises, and core lifts. By the end of level 4 and 16 to 32 weeks here at Prodigy Gym you will have been through a video tutorial taking you through exactly how to set up and use proper form on all of the 75 very unique machines. You will gain a solid understanding of other exercises utilizing dumbbells/barbells/ body weight lifts/ attachments/ and stretching! After the 1st 4 levels you will no longer be a beginner and most likely you will have made some really great changes in both strength and the way you look!

Another part of starting a workout program for the first time that can sometimes be even more overwhelming than the workouts is knowing what to eat. We will show you how to diet to meet your fitness goals in our Fitness Dieting section! By the time you finish the Beginner levels you will have all you need to build your body, feel, and look the way you have always wanted! This correlates with better relationships, a better business life, higher energy levels, and the list goes on and on. Then… it may be time to get serious and move on to the intermediate levels where things really start changing! Ok, let’s get started with Level 1 training!


Chris Havekost, Owner & Trainer

Prodigy Gym and Fitness

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