Advanced Level 1



Advanced Level 1

You have made it!!

Congratulations on your achievements so far.

    You have completed the Beginning Level Training and learned how:

    • To lift properly;
    • To set-up a workout training split; and
    • To develop a healthy diet using our diet templates.

    You have also completed the Intermediate Level Training and learned how:

    • To push the muscle with more advanced techniques and
    • To utilize reps, flex and hold, rest-pause, German volume training, occlusion and good old heavy lifting.

    Now, you are ready to begin Advanced Level 1 Training!


    The objectives here are:

    1. To demonstrate a whole new level of intensity;
    2. To breakdown every fiber of each muscle trained;
    3. To discover your true training potential.

    As mentioned in earlier training levels, I strongly recommend that you watch each video.  They are a few minutes in length and contain very valuable information.  In each video I will not only show you proper form and techniques, but share “little” tips that create “bigger results.  For example, I will share how a slight wrist turn, stance change, equipment adjustment and how repetition and speed variance will make a BIG difference in your results.

    “I have been at this game for over 30 years at this point and am excited to share with you the knowledge I have learned.  Glad to have you onboard!!”

    Chris Havekost, Owner & Trainer

    Prodigy Gym and Fitness

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