We conduct a free fitness evaluation for each new member. During the fitness evaluation we determine body fat, take measurements, analyze nutrition/diet, so that we can make solid suggestions on the right starting point for each member be it beginner/intermediate/ or advanced.

At Prodigy Gym and Fitness we offer Free Coaching directly with Chris the owner. Chris will conduct a fitness evaluation that includes body fat testing, nutritional program/diet analysis, and discuss each member’s goals. From the information gathered in the evaluation Chris will then offer his free fitness coaching that includes:

  • Custom nutrition/diet – Chris will build an exact map of what to eat and when so you have the best chances at succeeding at your fitness goals.
  • Guided workouts – Choose beginner/intermediate/ or advanced and easily follow guided workouts through our free app!
  • Accountability – check in directly with Chris weekly to ensure you are on track with our pre-set fitness goals!

Prodigy Gym and Fitness has made sure to find trainers who specialize in a broad range of expertise to make sure no matter what your fitness goals are we ensure success! We have trainers who create programs to help each person reach his/her goals faster and safer, taking each individuals health history, fitness evaluation, interests and goals in mind.

Choose the fast paced ½ hour sessions or a more balanced full hour session to get you into the best shape of your life!

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Body transformation
  • Injury rehabilation
  • Sports specific training
  • 45+ that need special attention to longevity of the joints
  • Bodybuilding/powerlifting

Because not everyone can afford personal training or would prefer a group setting and to be a part of our community we offer Group training! Our groups are small and very focused helping each group member maximize their fitness potential! The next best thing to personal training at a very affordable rate of just $30 hourly!

We offer all of our member’s free fitness coaching which includes suggestions on nutritional programs/diets that have worked for many other people with the same fitness goals.

$29.99 student rate (also for serviceman military, police, fireman, and EMT)

$35.99 non-student

$24.99 Veteran

12 month pre-paid $349 student

12 month pre-paid $399 (13th month FREE) non-student

**We also offer 1, 3, and 6 month pre-paid memberships**

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The character, atmosphere, and clientele of this gym facilitate quality training, especially strengthening. I am an endurance athlete that was unable to use caffeine for a long time; all I had to do is show up, and I was able to train/exercise with intensity and purpose. I’ve tried all the fitness clubs in town. This is the only gym I’ve kept throughout the years.
Stephen Castle
I love this gym! It’s old school.. which is the kind of environment I train the best in. It has the best variety of equipment in northern Colorado. Staff is always friendly, and Chris is the nicest gym owner around. If you have an issue with this place... I think it’s more of a personal problem. I wish I would have made the switch to Prodigy sooner!
Courtney McDonald

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