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Chris Havekost

As the owner of Prodigy Gym and Fitness Chris has a deep level of caring for all of his member’s fitness goals especially those that he personally trains. Chris began his journey helping people with their fitness over 25 years ago. He has endless experience helping people with a broad range of fitness goals from gaining strength and muscle, losing body fat, injury rehabilitation, bodybuilding, but his passion is helping people with body TRANSFORMATIONS! Just check out some of the transformations he has helped with! If you’re looking to transform your body by losing 25, 50, or even over 100lbs Chris can show you the way!

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Awesome, friendly staff who are always there to answer a question or just a chat. Chris and his employees are a fountain of wealth on lifting, fitness, and well being. Chris's custom workout plans are perfect for everyone. The gym has an immense arsenal of equipment for every workout you could imagine. An oll around great place to work out with a low price. Best gym in town hands down.
Finn Mahoney
The character, atmosphere, and clientele of this gym facilitate quality training, especially strengthening. I am an endurance athlete that was unable to use caffeine for a long time; all I had to do is show up, and I was able to train/exercise with intensity and purpose. I’ve tried all the fitness clubs in town. This is the only gym I’ve kept throughout the years.
Stephen Castle

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